About Our Cushions

About Our Cushions: OutdoorLivingYourWay.com takes pride in the quality of our cushions & fabric. From commercial applications to home and outdoor patio cushions, we manufacture and sell only the best. To learn more about our cushions, contact us at  Our cushions are “Made in the U.S.A” and sold worldwide. 

Cushion Style Options

We offer two styles for your cushions: a Banded cut and a Standard cut. This refers to the style in which the fabric will be cut & sewn for your cushion.

Banded, also referred to as box cut, is made with a layer of fabric on top, a layer of fabric on the bottom, then a band of fabric around the edge or thickness of the cushion connected by two seams creating a box look. Specially shaped cushions require banding. See example below.

Standard, also known as knife edge, consists of a piece of fabric on top and a piece of fabric on the bottom of the cushion with a seam connecting the two pieces of fabric with a single seam in the center of the edge of the cushion.

Cushion Cording Options

Single and double cording options are simple.  You can either choose single cording for Standard (see styles above) or double for Banded. See examples below.


Measurement Terms

Please see the following pictures for the terms we use for measuring cushions.

Cushion Fill Options

  • Cumulus Fiber – This fill is a layered fiber. It is designed to resist mildew and does not hold water. Cumulus fiber can be used indoor or outdoors.

  • Foam – This fill is recommended for indoor use and some outdoor use because water can be held in it for longer.

  • Cumulus Fiber Wrapped With Batting – The core of this filling is cumulus fiber then it is wrapped top and bottom with batting. It looks like a gentle rise in the cushion when placed on the furniture. Great for indoor or outdoor use. We do not recommend buttons with this type of fill.

See videos below explaining our cushion fill selections and cushion options.


We offer matching fabric ties that match your cushion fabric or velcro ties that loop around and fasten back to themselves also with fabric that matches your cushion.


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  • choose your other options such as ties, buttons and cording.

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