Custom 4 Inch Bench Cushion 27-39 Inch

$ 115.00

Build your Custom 4 Inch thick Bench Cushion 27-39 Inches wide to your desired style and comfort with options for indoor or outdoor use. Choose the fabric, filling, style, and more. See our Furniture Fabric Gallery, to view fabrics.



The lead time for cushions and toss pillows is 3-4 weeks. Due to fabric shortages, some fabrics are on backorder. If this is the case a customer service rep will reach out to you.

  • If you need a custom size, color or option not offered please feel free to contact our sales representatives by calling us at 1(919)975-7414 or e-mail and we will be glad to help you with that order.


    Choose at least one fabric.

    Options marked with an asterisk must be filled out for order to be processed.


    Standard Cumulus Fiber
    Premium Cumulus Wrapped In Batting) (+10%)
    Premium Cumulus Wrapped In Batting) (+20%)
    Standard Foam (+50%)
    Foam Wrapped With Batting (+55%)
    Luxury (Memory Foam) (+100%)
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    Build your Custom 4 Inch thick Bench Cushion 27-39 Inches wide to your desired comfort and style with options for indoor or outdoor use. Choose from our quality cushion fills and a great selection of indoor/outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella and Outdura. This cushion is rectangle in shape, has squared corners, and comes with a removable zippered cover.


    Especially relevant, Outdoor Living Your Way will not accept returns without an RA# (Return Authorization Number).

    The RA# must be on the outside of the package near the label. If the RA# is not visible on the outside of the box, Outdoor Living Your Way will refuse the package. There is a 30% restocking fee on all orders returned. Please take the time to get every detail correct before placing the order. If you have questions before you place your order, please call 919-975-7414. Please be aware of this fee before placing the order and all details have been thoroughly reviewed by all parties. You have 30 days from the date of delivery to return any order with an RA#, after 30 days the product cannot be returned. All returns must be back at Outdoor Living Your Way within 30 days of the original date. NO EXCEPTIONS.


    Please open and inspect each item for concealed damage from shipping. Furthermore, the carrier only gives us three days to notify them of concealed damage; after three days the claim is denied! Please understand that we are not responsible for damages caused by the carrier, and they will not be repaired at our expense. If you miss the deadlines you will be responsible for the repair/replacement cost. Please take the time to inspect the product upon receipt. This is your responsibility. If there is concealed damage, you must notify our shipping department immediately so we can get the claim started before their deadline of three days. Finally, our shipping department must file claims within three days to receive a credit from the carrier for goods damaged in shipment!. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    1 – Fabric

    Outdoor Living cushions are made with beautiful, long-lasting indoor/outdoor fabrics by Sunbrella and Outdura. The beauty, texture, and style of these fabrics make them the perfect complement to any indoor or outdoor décor. With such a diverse selection of fabrics to choose from you’re sure to find the color, design, pattern, and texture perfect for you. To view the fabrics, please click on the Furniture Fabric Gallery link then select the fabric from the “Cushion Fabric” drop-down list on the cushion building page.

    2 – Cushion Style: Standard or Banded

    We offer a Banded cut or a Standard-cut which refers to the style in which the fabric will be cut & sewn for your cushion.

    Banded, also referred to as box cut, is made with a layer of fabric on top, a layer of fabric on the bottom, then a band of fabric around the edge or thickness of the cushion connected by two seams creating a box look. Specialty-shaped cushions require banding.

    Standard, also known as knife-edge, consists of a piece of fabric on top and a piece of fabric on the bottom of the cushion with one seam connecting the two pieces of fabric. This single seam falls in the center of the thickness of the cushion.


    3 – Cording

    Cording, also known as welting or piping is a decorative trim sewn into the edge seams of the cushion. Cording is optional on custom cushions & pillows. We offer single cording or double cording depending on your style choice of a Standard or Banded cut. A Standard style cushion can only accommodate Single Cording as there is only one seam. The Double Cording option will apply to the Banded cut cushion as there are two seams. After choosing the single or double cording option, choose your desired cording fabric from the Cording Fabric drop-down list. The cording can be of the same fabric as your cushion or a different fabric. If you do not want to cord, simply leave that option blank.


    4 – Measurements

    There are basic measurements required to build your cushion:



    Depth (for seat cushions)

    Height (for back cushions)


    5 – Ties

    Ties are helpful for holding your cushion in place and are an option on all custom cushions. We offer free acrylic trim ties (see colors in the trim color chart above). We also offer traditional fabric ties made with the same fabric as your cushion. Both trim ties and fabric ties are approximately 12-14″ long. A third option is a Velcro tie that will loop around and fasten back to itself, also having the same fabric as your cushion.

    After choosing the kind of ties you would like, select the tie placement from the list of options. If you would like your ties in a different location than the options offered in the drop-down list, please select “See order notes” from the Tie Placement drop-down list and indicate your desired placement in the “Order Notes” box in your cart.

    6- Buttons 

    Choice of the following button patterns: (1) center, (2) off-center, (3) evenly spaced centered line, (4) square pattern, (4) diamond pattern, (5) once center, 4 square pattern, (6) 2 lines of 3 evenly spaced. Note: All buttons pattern have additional costs.

    7 – Cushion Fill Selection

    When choosing your cushion filling, first consider where you plan to use the cushion. Will it be indoors out of the rain or outdoors where it will be exposed to the elements? After considering the location, you can move on to your desired comfort level and style.

    For Outdoor Use: we suggest Cumulus Fiber – available in cushions 2 inches thick or thicker – or Cumulus Fiber Wrapped with Batting – available in cushions 3 inches thick or thicker. These two fillings options allow water to drain through the cushion. Either of these two fillings is great for indoor use as well. The cumulus fiber by itself is boxy in appearance and firmer than foam. Batting wrapped around the cumulus fiber gives the cushion a softer feel, a fluffier look, and will add a slight rise toward the center of the cushion.

    For Indoor Use: we offer Foam – available in cushions 2 inches thick or thicker, Foam Wrapped with Batting, and Memory Foam – both available in cushions 3 inches thick or thicker. These filings are recommended for indoor use because they will retain water. The foam by itself offers a box shape while adding batting to the foam will provide a softer, fluffier look & feel, and will add a slight rise toward the center of the cushion. Another indoor option we offer is luxury memory foam. It consists of a foam core, a layer of memory foam on top and on the bottom, and is wrapped with a layer of batting.

    Contact Us: If you need your cushions with another type of fabric, buttons, tufting, rounded corners, custom shaping, or any other option not listed in our options, please contact us at or call (910)975-7414 & ask for a customer service representative.

    See the videos below explaining our cushion fill selections and cushion options.

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    Weight 41 lbs
    Dimensions 40 × 27 × 6 in